Introducing the Canon Aquilion Serve SP

Now available at SCUPH

Sunshine Coast Radiology and Integral Diagnostics are thrilled to be the first in the world to offer the new Canon Aquilion Serve SP CT system at Sunshine Coast University Private Hospital (SCUPH) – a new CT solution with superior performance that is designed to meet all clinical needs.

The brand new Aquilion Serve SP CT Scanner provides a more confident diagnosis, using the world’s first Deep Learning CT reconstruction technology AiCE. Combined with the industry’s thinnest detector elements (0.5mm) it delivers high resolution images at ultra low dose, sometimes lower than X-Ray doses.

  • AiCE improves the ability to detect subtle pathology
  • AiCE improves the ability to resolve fine structures
  • AiCE improves ultra-low dose CT imaging and image quality

Advanced Technology for improved clinical confidence
Canon Medical’s SEMAR (Single Energy Metal Artefact Reduction) utilises a reconstruction technique to reduce metalic artefact, improving visualisation of implants and supporting bone and adjacent soft tissues for a clearer and more confident diagnosis.

Robust Cardiac CT imaging
With the latest AI powered reconstruction technology, our new Aquilion Serve SP improves image quality while reducing radiation dose.

New Lung Screen CT Technology
Canon Medical’s SilverBeam is specifically designed to optimise image quality for low dose lung imaging. When combined with AiCE – SilverBeam provides greater diagnostic confidence for ultra low dose CT lung screening.

Enhancing accuracy and efficiency for CT guided injections
We have invested in a dedicated interventional package, improving interventional workflows, ensuring less time on the table for your patients.

Widest CT Scanner for the Best Patient Experience
The Aquilion Serve SP has a wide and open bore design to make examinations easier for claustrophobic patients whilst avoiding the uncomfortable arm positioning that is often required for narrow bore CT scanners.

Sunshine Coast Radiology is thrilled to be the first in the world to offer the Aquilion Serve SP. The exclusive offering is testament to our purpose of delivering the best outcomes for our patients through our values of medical leadership, patients first, create value, embrace change and everyone counts.

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