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High quality imaging and accurate reporting

Sunshine Coast Radiology is a leading provider of diagnostic imaging throughout Queensland. With six clinics and supported by highly specialised staff, Sunshine Coast Radiology has the scope and expertise to quickly and accurately support your patients.

MEET the team

Professional. Experienced. Respected.

Ben Hughes, our Chief Radiographer, is a dedicated member of the team at Sunshine Coast Radiology, delivering committed care to his patients.

To deliver the best patient care, we always advocate for the patient’s best interests and deliver high quality imaging and reports for the wider care team.

We do this through listening to the patient, following current best practice techniques and health standards, and working together as an imaging team.

I enjoy that through my work, I can help to ensure that clinics are staffed and skilled, to provide the best medical imaging for our communities.

I also enjoy that I am able to help our technicians develop their skills and knowledge, and hopefully to enjoy their careers here on the Sunshine Coast.

Quality medical imaging is an essential element in the care of a patient, as it enables referrers and the wider health team to efficiently and effectively confirm, assess, diagnose or monitor any health conditions.


Investing in technology

We constantly research and source the latest world-class technology partnering with the leading healthcare manufacturers.


A wider network

Sunshine Coast Radiology is proud to be part of the wider group Integral Diagnostics (IDX).

Across Australia and New Zealand, Integral Diagnostics has united several radiology practices under the single vision of a healthier world.

With shared values underpinning our purpose to deliver the best health outcomes for our patients, Sunshine Coast Radiology is well-equipped to support all patients.

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Embedded in your community

Community engagement plays a pivotal role in our commitment to creating a healthier world.

We engage with a large number of community organisations, sporting teams and cultural organisations, providing sponsorship, fundraising support and health education programs.

In all that we do, we strive to extend healthcare education and support into the life of the community and foster a proactive approach to positive wellbeing.