Sports Imaging

Sports Imaging caters for the needs of athletes, from elite performance athletes through to those involved in recreational activities. Sunshine Coast Radiology has the expertise and quality of care to deal with all facets of sports imaging. Our highly trained Radiologists and healthcare team understand the complexities of these injuries and have in-depth knowledge about sports injuries, whether common or rare.

We also address broader Musculoskeletal (MSK) imaging for other ongoing health issues, such as those related to joints, bones and tissue inflammation. Common injuries and areas of interest include the Knee, Foot and Ankle, Elbow, Shoulder, Wrist, Hips, Groin and Hamstrings.

Following a clinical assessment with your GP or Specialist, you will usually require some form of imaging for the area of concern. We provide comprehensive imaging services for Sports and MSK health concerns, including general X-ray, CT, MRI, Ultrasound and Nuclear Medicine.

In addition, once a diagnosis has been made, image-guided treatment (also known as interventional radiology) may be recommended. You can find out more about our image-guided pain treatments at These treatments are often recommended for the spine, joints, muscles, bursa and nerves and are performed using image guidance.