Sunshine Coast Radiology provides rapid access to your reports and images via desktop and mobile devices using InteleConnect and Inteleviewer.

InteleViewer’s bookmark is: To download InteleViewer, use the links below or create an account and login to InteleConnect. You can easily download InteleViewer from there.

Install InteleViewer

32-bit Windows Installer

Download InteleViewer

64-bit Windows Installer

Download InteleViewer

Mac OS X Installer

Download InteleViewer

Inteleviewer, designed for maximum reading efficiency and comfort

InteleViewer™ is an intuitive, feature-rich DICOM viewer renowned for its ease of use. Designed to provide an exceptional user experience, InteleViewer provides highly customizable toolsets and a flexible interface that allow radiologists (including subspecialists) to customize their reading and reporting workflow. It also helps maximize efficiency through its embedded critical results management, reporting templates that streamline processes, and communication tools that enhance collaboration.

Excels in any environment

A native 64-bit solution, offering versions for both Windows and Mac, InteleViewer is a web-based solution that offers high performance in both local and remote environments. Built for speed, InteleViewer uses advanced streaming technology to rapidly deliver images (including priors) directly from servers when they aren’t already cached on workstations.

Enhances performance across the enterprise

Providing flexible worklists to manage individual, sub-specialty and group caseloads, InteleViewer includes a set of administrative tools that help define user and application preferences, and set individual or group access permissions. Provided through unlimited user licenses, InteleViewer improves image access across the entire organization (including diagnostic, clinical, and web users), is HIPAA-compliant and suitable for external access. For more detailed information download the “InteleViewer Quick Reference